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Teens In Charge is your online resource for reliable health information. The teenage years is a time of dramatic changes, and we are here to help you solve these problems and concerns. On this website, you will find answers to questions regarding your body, your emotions, your relationships, your sexuality, and other personal health matters. Teens In Charge is one of the few websites dedicated exclusively to the health issues of teens. The information provided is accurate, straightforward, and useful to you and your peers. We hope to empower you with health knowledge so you can be ready to take charge of your life!


This website is maintained by the Chinese Community Health Resource Center (CCHRC), a non-profit community center established in 1989. Since its inception, CCHRC has served the Chinese Community of the San Francisco Bay Area through numerous bilingual health programs, some of which were considered first in the nation. Over the years, CCHRC has come to be recognized by the community as a leader in health education


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