Nutrition Analysis

nutrition analysis

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As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. The problem is we do not always know what we are feeding ourselves or if we are consuming enough or too much compared to our daily nutrient needs. The nutrient analysis program enables you to enter your food intake for the whole day and determines how your intake compares to your daily needs.

Nutritional analyses for INGREDIENTS are based on USDA data. Due to variations in different recipes, the nutritional analyses for DISHES are only estimations.


  1. Please enter your sex, age, and activity level on the lower right corner. This will help us calculate your energy (calories) and nutrient requirements.
  2. Make your food choice by selecting and dragging the food to the pan. You can either select the ingredients you used in preparing the dish (e.g. skinless chicken breast, cashew nuts) or the actual dish (cashew chicken). You can find the ingredient/dish by browsing within the appropriate category or inputting keyword(s) in the “search” bar in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter the amount and serving size consumed. For example, if the food was whole wheat bread, enter 1 under amount, and select slice under serving size.

Once you have indicated the amount consumed, the nutrient content for that specific amount will be calculated accordingly. To find out the total nutrients in the pan and how they relate to your daily nutrient needs (presented in percentage), see the center column.